Holiday break

For a dorm student holiday breaks are a God-send. Being away from home is a great and liberating feeling,but when you’re away for too long it gets pretty taxing on you mind and body, thanks to the loads of homework you’re giving and the noisy neighbors upstairs that just won’t quit. That’s where holiday breaks […]

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As I sat down and brainstormed how to begin my post, I couldn’t help but get distracted by all the inner thoughts (or anxiety) that I had running through my mind. “This is my last summer break..” “I’m officially going to be a college graduate in 2 weeks..” “Where do I even begin my next […]

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Commuters & Clubs

Hearing the statement “commuters are not involved on campus” is the most cliché and inaccurate statement people can state. Yes, the commuter community may be less aware of all the opportunities that Pace has to offer, but it doesn’t mean that it stops them from exploring it. Sophomore, Justina Krasniqi is a prime example of […]

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Joining Clubs/Organizations

In my last post The Social Life of a Dorm Student: The Struggle of Making Friends I spoke very briefly about joining clubs as a way to make friends and even mentioned my own club VOX as an example. But there are many clubs and organizations to choose from. Besides VOX students have the option of […]

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